Monday, July 24, 2023

The Subtle and Complex Colors of the Milky Way

The subtle but complex colors of the Milky Way over Martin Dunham Reservoir in Grafton Lakes State Park.

The Milky Way gets its color from the combination of various stars and celestial objects that emit different wavelengths of light. The Milky Way is composed of billions of stars, along with interstellar gas and dust. The colors we see in the Milky Way are a result of the different temperatures and compositions of these stars and the interaction of their light with the surrounding interstellar matter.

Blue stars are typically hotter than red stars and emit more blue and ultraviolet light. Red stars, on the other hand, emit more red and infrared light. When we observe the Milky Way, the collective light from these stars creates a blend of colors, ranging from blue, white, and yellow to red. Additionally, interstellar dust can scatter and absorb light, affecting its color appearance. The result is the beautiful spectrum of colors that appears in photographs over a certain exposure time.

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